1. Add nixi1 as a contact in your favorite messaging App

2. Search your flight and hotel

Send a voice note, a written message or fill out our form with your preferences.

– Origin and destination
– Departure date or Departing and returning dates
– Number of passsengers (adults, children and infants)

Try out with “I wanna fly from Barcelona to Paris from the 15th to the 20th of August”

– Destination
– Check-in and check-out
– Amount of Travelers

Try out with “I wanna spend three nights in Bilbao, for two adults, starting from March 7th”

You can also make more advanced searches. Check out more examples.

Demo flights
Demo hotels

3. nixi1 finds you the best choices for your trip

Once you’ve send your trip preferences, nixi1 will send you back a link with your trip options according to your preferences.

You can sort and filter the results by price, time and amount of stops.

In addition, your session never expires. You can update any search by going to the history of your flights and hotels or by typing the word: UPDATE.

4. Enter your personal information

When you go to proceed to make your reservation, the system will request your personal data.

You’ll be able to insert the passangers personal information. Next time you book a flight, your data will be stored to speed up the booking process.

5. Proceed with booking payment

Once you’ve entered your personal information, we will send you a link so you can proceed to make the payment.

Through Redsys payment getaway, you only have to enter your card details and decide if you want to keep your personal data, so the next the payment process gets faster.