The comfortable, fast, secure way to find your trip.

Contact us through your favourite chat app

Send us a message or audio note with your origin, destination, dates and number of travellers and nixi1 will find you the perfect holiday. Try with:

“I want to fly from Barcelona to Paris from 15 to 20 August”

“I want to spend 3 nights in Bilbao for 2 people from 7 to 9 March”

nixi1 will find you the perfect holiday, so all you have to do is book and enjoy

Once you’ve sent us your preferences, nixi1 will send you a link with a breakdown of all the options available.

You can organise and filter these results by price, layovers, hotel category or distance from the centre.

Plus, on nixi1 your session never expires. You can update any search by going to your history of flights and hotels and entering the word: UPDATE.

Enter your personal details

When you are ready to book, the system will ask you for your personal details.

You will see a form for you to fill in your information and that of anyone travelling with you. The next time you make a booking, your details will be saved in the system, making the process even quicker.


Once you’ve entered your personal details, we’ll send you a link so you can complete your booking.

Using the Redsys payment system, all you have to do is enter your card details and decide whether you want them to save your details to make the process even faster next time.

Frequently asked questions

nixi1 is an Artificial Intelligence based Chatbot in Messaging Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS or via App, allows you to search and book flights and hotels for your trips.

Absolutely! Search your flight and accommodation by sending a voice note, a text message or by filling a form. You just need to fill in your preferences and we will offer you the best choice!

You will find the flight code in the email you received at the email address you have indicated at the booking time.

If you can not find your luggage at the terminal, please go to the baggage handling counter at the airport. This is usually located in the customs hall, next to the baggage claim area.

If you need personalized help, you can type SUPPORT and we will help you in what you need.

You will find your booking details in your inbox from the email address you provided us while processing your booking.

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