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Travel easy,
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Choose your favourite chat app and find your flight or hotel in under 60 seconds.

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You say hello, I say travel

Revolución de las reservas

A revolution in booking travel

WhatsApp to book your flights and hotels?

We’ve transformed the search experience to make it more innovative, pleasant and affordable. Make your bookings using instant messaging and make the most of your time.

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En móvil y para móvil

All on your mobile, for your mobile.

Book your flight or hotel, wherever you are. The tool is designed for and adapted to mobile devices, improving travellers’ mobility.

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Instantáneo e inmediato

All instantly and immediately

We’ve added artificial intelligence (AI) so you can search from voice notes, text messages or predictive forms, whatever best suits the situation and your preferences. All designed to give you the best tools and the best experience.

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How does nixi1 work?
It’s this easy...

The comfortable, fast, secure way to find your trip.

We’ll find your flight and hotel in under 60 seconds, showing you the results with the best price and no extra fees.

Discover it

Hi nixi1, I want to go to Amsterdam

Find your perfect holiday with just a voice note using your instant messaging app.

using your instant messaging app.

You can also download our app.

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from 33€

Palma de Mallorca

from 37€


from 55€


from 37€


from 30€


from 34€

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Want to be part of this great project?

At nixi1 we have several lines of business that will open doors so you can discover the infinite possibilities in the world of travel and business. Learn more:

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